DrawBot Package

A .drawbot package is a DrawBot app readable file containing python files. Making it easy to share and exchange drawbot scripts.

Use a .drawbot package

Double click the or drop the .drawbot file on top of DrawBot.

Build a .drawbot package

Use the build in package builder to build a .drawbot package.


drawBot package specification

A .drawbot package is a folder with an extension.

<name>.drawbot (package)

The info plist dictionary can have the following keywords:

  • name: optional, default to <name>.drawBot
  • version: optional, default to 0.0, but advised to set
  • developer: optional, default to None
  • developerURL: optional, default to None
  • requiresVersion: optional, default to all versions
  • mainScript: optional, default to ‘lib/main.py’ if this isn’t specified?)