The DrawBot project started in 2003 as a program named “DesignRobots”, written for the occasion of a Python workshop at the TypoTechnica conference. Since then the application evolved into a Cocoa application with a powerful API and image export functionality.

Version 0.9a

First release as Cocoa application. Supports rectangles, ovals, bezier paths, but not text. Unofficial Fork of Version 0.9a

There is an unofficial forked version of DrawBot around. Unfortunately this version does not document the differences with the current DrawBot. This has led to considerable confusion and frustration with users.

Version 2.0

In use at the TypeMedia department of the Royal Academy in The Hague for about then 10 years!. Many Improvements on the API and text support. (2007)

Version 3+

Complete rewritten and many improvements on the API.